This coordination contemplates the formational program which empowers autonomy and liberty as central guidelines; based and starting from Juan David García´s “Creative Transformation” approach. In the same way as in the book, we apply varied techniques that attend to –at all times- the personal and collective needs of the students; always based on direct- learning –through- experience methodology.

Daily work is organized in all-age groups of people; this way breaking the old scheme of groups of people based on age standards.

The “Creative Transformation´s” educational curriculum is based on quantum physics.

This curricula works with evolution in such a way that the student will be able to replicate key moments in mankind´s evolutional history. Through living experience and the correlation with the world, the student ratifies the evolutional process that involves and correlates action and knowledge, and especially acquires the ability to transfer all that knowledge to his/her surrounding reality and daily life areas.

We include in this paragraph academic regularizing and INEEA which is education for adults.

To generate the notion of values and how to exercise them –they become a way to ethics- we implemented the following:

Code of Conduct

The older looks after the younger.

The one that knows more teaches the one that knows less.

The only reward is to learn.

The only sanction is to not be creative.

Don’t presume.

Do your best.

Do not take things personally.

Be impeccable with your words.

Control of the inner fire.

Control of the emotional sphincters.

Cooperation vs Competition.


Social Welfare Program


We acknowledge health as a fundamental and elemental right for every human being to be able to perform properly within our daily life routines.  With the program we look to give permanent attention through:

  1. Personal and oral Hygiene.We have a permanent personal hygiene campaign; an average 35 people shower in our premises daily. Oral care is also being attended; people brush their teeth on daily basis and we have relation with a local dentist whom gives consultation at low prices when needed.



  1. Medical Attention

Thanks to the support we receive from places like “Centro de Salud, Hospital del Niño Morelense and Fundación de Dr. Simi” and other specialized doctors, we try to timely identify and channelize to the corresponding area, diseases of any kind. We have also channelized and followed up cases such as cleft palate reconstruction, cases of deafness (due to Ritcher-Collins), epileptic attacks, severe malnutrition, hormone-related growth problems and Down syndrome among others.


  1. Nutrition

Integral formation includes nourishment; we prepare two meals a day (breakfast and lunch), which in many cases represent the only possibility to eat during the day. All meals are cooked by housewives from the community (that´s how they contribute). As a complement –and when we receive large donations- we give out groceries of basic supplies (rice, beans, lentils, sugar, cookies and cereals among others).


Community Program

“Sharing the Fire”

The dream of Walking United

Our community program´s activities are set on track to strengthen the reconstruction of the community´s tissue so we can achieve the building and the making of a self-sustainable suburb. Along the long community labor way, we have done solidary follow up for the cases that deserved it the most and that somehow contravene the human rights convention. We offered legal and therapeutic support in child-abuse cases, gender violence towards women and children, children abandonment, property related problems, trouble between neighbors, drug addiction, etc.

We have also managed the regularization of different family’s documentation, because many of the children that attend have not yet been registered before the government and that turns them into inexistent before the state with every consequence that this might imply (we have registered more than 50 children and youth).


Through the diverse workshops (proposed accordingly to the interest of most students), and special trainings, we have been able to favour youngsters so they can learn from a professional and practice a craft of their choosing. This is another way for us to encourage interest and participation amongst community members.

Complementary Development

Every afternoon we have activities addressed to enrich the youth´s and adult´s development. These activities are organized according to the interest shown by the students and the professor´s availability. This is a space where we address subjects of interest for the community that range from sexuality workshops as far as human rights, etc.

Art and Craft Workshops Program

  • Cut and confection workshop “Tonalli” (Threads of the sun in Mixtec). Where shawl, rag dolls, fabric souvenirs, promos and environmental-care products are made (like grocery bags and recyclable residue containers), amongst others.