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Campaña de Recaudación

Tuvimos la fortuna de contar con el apoyo de Káritas en esta campaña, por cada peso que se done Káritas donará un peso... Tú puedes ayudarnos a alcanzar nuestra meta... ¡Gracias!

Qué se acepta en el centro de acopio.

En el Centro de Acopio de Caminando Unidos se aceptará y canalizará la siguiente ayuda: Víveres no perecederos. Agua embotellada. Medicamentos. Suero oral en sobre o tipo Electrolit. Vajillas, ollas, sartenes, cubiertos, etc para donar a las familias que reconstruyen...

¡Welcome to Caminando Unidos!

(Walking United)

We are a civil association  governed by the cultural diversity amongst our society. Where the essence of life itself unravels, agglutinates, impregnates and dissolves. A place built more with those essences than with the hardness of cement, where the primary goal is breath on daily basis; the selfless pleasure towards the practical knowledge, functionality of life and it´s more basic and ancestral practices. An association where knowledge is practiced and lived not taught; nor transported or transmitted, but understood and shared…  The experience is more on track towards the free identification with one another; from a fundamentally humane perspective. It is rather wide awake as life itself, than archaic and dysfunctional sterile education.

An association that opens the doors to life and it´s ways; sometimes unexpected and unknown and always changing.

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